The Everything Bundle

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This bundle includes 21 effects and three instruments, everything Audio Damage makes.

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The Everything Bundle Includes:

Add some space to your tracks with ADverb, a vintage-style digital plate reverb simulation with the thick plate sound of early hardware units.
Automaton is an experimental effect that brings artificial life in to your DAW, with buffer effects driven by a cellular automata sequencer.
A neuron sequencer driving 7 FM synth voices to create abstract science.
BigSeq2 is a gate sequencer and tempo-based multi-effect plug-in, with filter, distortion, delay, frequency shifter and bitcrusher.
Discord3 is a huge update to our long-running Discord series of multi-effects, for pitch-shifting, granular effects, and delay.
Dr. Device
Two hi-octane effects in one! Analog style filter and delay.
Put a bit of voodoo in your music with the DubStation, an accurate rendition of the classic "bucket-brigade" analog delay units.
Eos is a multi-algorithm reverb designed for a broad tonal palette and ease of programming.
Fluid is an analog-modeled chorus, thick and juicy.
Liquid is a through-zero flanger, for true blast-from-the-past jet plane flanging. If you're looking for a software flanger that sounds like real flanging, look no further.
Phase Two
Audio Damage's Phase Two plug-in is a perfect digital recreation of the Mutron Bi-Phase, one of the most sought-after vintage phaser units, highly prized for its liquid and subtle stereo phasing abilities.
Phosphor is a polysynth modeled on the alphaSyntauri, a vintage digital additive synth. Now, no Apple //e required!
Replicant 1.5
Replicant is a delay-based effect in the "beat slicer/looper" vein, with some tricks of its own that separate it from the herd. From a simple delay or panning effect, on up to massive random beat mangling, Replicant is a capable plugin well in line with today's modern electronic music styles.
Ricochet is a sophisticated, yet easy-to-use multi-tap delay, with the signature Audio Damage sound.
A completely modular multi-effect with two delays, two multi-mode filters, two saturation stages, and two LFOs. With a fully modular routable signal path, Ronin is a total effects solution.
Rough Rider Pro
Rough Rider Pro is a three-band version of our popular free Rough Rider compressor.
Tattoo is a fully self-contained drum synthesizer and sequencer with sophisticated randomization options.
Vapor is a new-style diffusion chorus, for adding shimmer to lifeless sounds or for extreme experimental modulation.
914 Fixed Filter Bank
The Audio Damage 914 Fixed Filter Bank is a faithful recreation of the Moog Modular Synthesizer's 914 module, and a major upgrade to our original 907A plugin. This plugin creates unique filter textures by passing the signal through twelve band-pass filters, as well as a low-pass and high-pass filter.
Panstation is the only autopan plug-in you'll ever need.
Filterstation is a stereo filter with envelope follower and LFO, for maximum tweakage.
Kombinat Dva
From mild tone-shaping or adding a bit of grit to full-on total waveform destruction, Kombinat Dva, the long-awaited sequel to our popular Kombinat plug-in, is a complete toolbox of sonic warfare.
Ratshack Reverb 3
Ratshack Reverb v2.0 is a detailed model of that classic of classics, the Realistic Electronic Reverb. Now, you can have the sound of everyone's first analog delay unit, without ever having to change batteries!
We felt a great disturbance in the Force, as if millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced. This plug-in came about shortly thereafter.
Mangleverb is an effect consisting of a filter, a reverb, an envelope follower, and an LFO. Easy to say, crazy to hear!
Basic is an easy-to-use subtractive mono-synth.
Digital Download includes: AU/VST for OSX & VST for Windows
• 32/64-bit VST2.4
• 32/64-bit AudioUnit

The Everything Bundle

US $599.00 / Digital Download