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Liquid is a through-zero flanger, and excels in adding vintage vibe to your recordings. From a subtle ADT effect on vocals or electric piano on up to massive "Jet" style 2-buss flanging, Liquid will bring the classic sound of real tape machine flanging to your modern DAW.

A normal flanger, at least in today's world, is just a delay line set to a very short time with some feedback. In "analog" pedals this is done with a bucket-brigade delay chip, and in DSP-based effects like digital pedals and plug-ins, it is one of the easiest effects to create. However, the original flanging effect was created by running two tape machines with the same material in sync, then varying the speed of one of them (sometimes by actually applying pressure to the flange of the tape reel with a finger) to cause some rather extreme and odd comb filtering.

Made popular by George Martin (and used heavily on John Lennon's vocals on many tracks from Revolver on) and Phil Spector (who used it on, well, just about everything), it is a classic effect that was difficult to achieve in software. Until now.
» True through-zero flanging.

» Perfect for "stereo-izing" analog synths, electric pianos, and other mono sources

» Capable of extreme vintage-style flanging effects

» Full MIDI learn on every parameter for hardware control (VST version only)
Digital Download includes: AU/VST for OSX & VST for Windows
• 32/64-bit VST2.4
• 32/64-bit AudioUnit


US $29.00 / Digital Download
Audio Samples
Liquid on guitar
This clip, despite the phenomenally bad guitar playing, will give you a good idea of Liquid's natural habitat.
Liquid on synth
Four measures of dry, then three four-measure sections with different Liquid settings.
Liquid on drums
This clip features two measures of a dry MachineDrum beat, then three four-measure sections.