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What on earth is diffusion chorus? As the name implies, it has diffusion (sort of a red-headed step-child of reverb) and modulating delays (which, as we all know, equals "chorus"). Vapor takes this underused effect, usually only available in high-end hardware boxes, and makes it available to anyone.

Vapor's main purpose is to add top-end shimmer to pads, strings, and rhythm guitar to make those sounds cut through the mix. However, at more extreme settings, unique modulation effects can easily be attained.
» Able to do a broad range of modulation effects, from simple diffusion to extreme mod

» Optimized for low CPU usage

» Full MIDI learn on every parameter for hardware control (VST version only)
Digital Download includes: AU/VST for OSX & VST for Windows
• 32/64-bit VST2.4
• 32/64-bit AudioUnit


US $29.00 / Digital Download
Audio Samples
Demo 1 - Synth
This demo has an MKS80 patch, four measures dry, then every four measures Vapor receives new settings.
Demo 2 - Drums
This demo is set up like the previous one; two measures dry, then five different four-measure sections.
Demo 3 - Loops
This demonstration is just like the first two; four measures dry then five different effects.
Demo 4 - In The Mix
In this demonstration, the sounds from Demos 1 through 3 are combined, along with a simple bassline. Dry then wet.