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Axon is a strange creature, and we won't tell you otherwise. Our goal was to come up with a new style of percussion sequencer/synth that wasn't linear and x0xy, and we succeeded beyond our wildest expectations. The Neuron Sequencer in Axon is a fundamentally different way of thinking about rhythmic sequencing, and results in new patterns and styles that will bring your IDM, dance, and ambient tracks to another place.

Axon's sequencer can either drive external synths and samplers or its own internal voices, seven of 'em, which are FM-based, but designed for quick and easy programming, and fine-tuned for percussive-type sounds. A full MIDI Learn complement allows external hardware control of both the sequencer and the internal voices, and an on-board stereo delay taken right from our fairly thick collection of delay algorithms extends the rhythmic possibilities right to the edge of what any sane person could possibly stand.

We'll be the first to admit that Axon is an experimental tool, and isn't for everybody, but if your interests lie in the abstract realm, and you want to take your rhythm and melody programming to strange new worlds, this might be just the thing.

(A short video explanation of the Neuron Sequencer is available here, and there are several other videos pertaining to Axon in the Audio Damage YouTube channel, which is here.)
• All new Neuron Sequencer, a seven-node hexagonal counter sequencer.

• Seven FM percussion-tuned voices, also capable of melodic expression.

• Unique FM and Ring Mod busses for global FM and Ring Mod.

• Full MIDI output control (VST only) for driving external synths, drum machines, and samplers.

• Full internal mixer that also controls MIDI output velocity, with solo and muting.

• Internal stereo delay, taken from the best of Audio Damage's delay algorithms, with low- and high-pass filters and a playable feedback control.

• Full MIDI Learn mode, for external hardware control of all Axon parameters.

• Output for each voice, in addition to main stereo output.
NOTE: Axon for OS X requires 10.5.1 or greater, and is Intel only. Axon for Windows is both 32- and 64-bit.
Digital Download includes: AU/VST for OSX & VST for Windows
• 32/64-bit VST2.4
• 32/64-bit AudioUnit


US $59.00 / Digital Download
Audio Samples
Axon Percussion Examples
These are four 8-bar examples of Axon's internal sequencer driving its own voices, configured for percussion sounds.
Axon Melodic Examples
These four 8-bar pieces show Axon's internal sequencer driving its own FM synths, set up for melodic expression.
Axon Driving External Synths
This demonstration has Axon's internal voices; it is also driving Tattoo's kick and clap simultaneously.
Four Axons plus Tattoo and Eos
This demo, from Trackdriver, has four instances of Axon, plus one Tattoo, all sending to Eos.