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Audio Damage Support FAQ


Questions about your transaction, licenses, or store account.

1. How do I get a refund?
We offer a 100% no-questions-asked refund policy. Just drop us a line and be sure you include the email address that is listed in your AD store account. You may do this up to 30 days from the date of your purchase. If you have a technical reason for requesting the refund, it would be nice if you let us know why, but otherwise, we don't need any info beyond your email address and which plugin you'd like a refund for. In the case of a bundle, you must return the whole bundle. There are no refunds for individual plug-ins. PLEASE NOTE: No refunds are offered for license transfer option purchases or Rack Extensions. In the latter case, you need to contact Propellerheads. We do not control those transactions.
2. How do I exchange Plugin X for Plugin Y?
We will exchange one product for another of equal value up to 120 days after the date of purchase. Just drop us a line and let us know which plugin you're trading in, and what you'd like to trade it for, and we'll update your store account accordingly. This does not apply to bundles. There are no exchanges for individual plug-ins in a bundle.
3. I'm trying to use a credit card and it won't go through, and I'm certain I have available funds!
Our bank is _very_ strict about address matching. They're so strict they'll disallow a lot of perfectly good addresses. While this is annoying, it is necessary in this day and age. The easiest solution is to use the Paypal interface. Select "Paypal" as your payment method, then on the first Paypal page is an option to pay with a credit card without joining. They are far less strict than our bank, and you'll have more success with this method.
4. I put an Everything Bundle in my cart, and the store won't let me pay for it with a credit card!
We've got bitten by people with stolen credit cards one too many times. When it's just a single plug-in, the chargeback we get isn't the end of the world. When it is for $700+, as it usually is, that is quite a blow to our small company. Any order over $500 has to be done through Paypal. You can still use your credit card; just use their interface for doing so. And if you know anyone that has ever used a stolen credit card or cracked software, punch them in the face for us.
5. I bought a plugin, and used Paypal, and it's not in my account for download, and I didn't get an email from your store.
Occasionally there are hiccups in the Paypal transaction that result in an uncompleted purchase, where the funds are taken from your account, but the plug-in isn't available for download or remains in your cart. If this occurs, write us and let us know. The sooner you tell us, the sooner we can fix the order. You should receive a confirmation from our store almost immediately after returning to merchant from the Paypal site. If you didn't receive that email then something is wrong.
6. Why didn't the installer ask for a registration code?
We are removing the need for registration codes from our products. At this point, some of them have registration codes, and some don't. This doesn't change the ownership of your license in any way. It just means that you don't have to enter a reg code when you install.
7. I own a license from you that I bought before this fancy new store came on line, and it's not in my account. WTF?
Some licenses, mainly due to license transfers or payment malfunctions, aren't in our old database. As a result, they're not in the new one. If you own a license and it isn't appearing in your account, drop us a line and tell us so, and we'll get it added.
8. I just payed for a product, and it's showing up in my account, but I get a 404 error when I try to download it.
Two things here. First off, you have to left-click the link. Right click->Save As does not work in our store. If you're not doing that, you're probably running some banner ad blocker or some such in your browser. You need to allow, then it'll work.
9. Can I sell or otherwise transfer my license?
If you bought the license directly from us, you may transfer it to another Audio Damage account free of charge. Each license comes with one free transfer. If you bought the license from someone else, you may activate a one-time license transfer for that product for US$4.00. Full instructions for doing this are on your account page. If you feel you should have a transfer option on a particular product, but you do not, please write us and we'll sort it out. NOTE: There are no refunds on transfer option purchases.
10. Why haven't you written me back?
Chances are, you wrote the address, probably just by hitting "reply" to your receipt. That address is just for receipts. We don't watch it as religiously as we do the info@ address, the correct place to write us. Also, if you didn't actually ask a question that required an answer, chances are we won't reply. If you're just making a feature or product request, we keep the information and use it at the appropriate time, but we generally don't respond to such letters.