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Audio Damage Support FAQ


Technical problems with an Audio Damage software product.

1. The plug-in I just bought from you doesn't appear in my host, and I have an OSX machine.
Don't panic. The very first thing you should do, assuming the installation went fine and you entered your reg code and it was accepted, is to do a "Repair permissions" operation on your disk, using the Disk Utility app in Applications/Utilities. This will solve almost every OSX installation problem. If it doesn't, then please drop us a line, letting us know what is wrong. Please include the type of Mac you're using, what version of OSX you're running, and which host you're having trouble with. If you're using Logic, please go to Preferences->Logic AU Validator, find the entry for the plug in question, hit "rescan," and copy the text of the resulting scan with your email so we can tell what is going on.
2. The plug-in I just bought from you doesn't appear in my host, and I have a Windows machine.
Something is very wrong. Please contact us, and include the type of system you have, what version (including SP version, if any) of Windows you're running, and which hosts the plugin is not showing up in.
3. I hear static and/or glitches in the audio when the plugin is active.
Some hosts allow non-standard buffer depths to be set in your audio hardware, and some audio hardware drivers default to odd "prosumer" numbers that have nothing to do with correct audio applications. Make sure the buffer size of your audio hardware is set to a "power-of-two" setting (e.g. 16, 32, 64, 128, 256, 512, 1024, etc.) as it is fairly important. Chances are this will fix the static problem. If it doesn't, drop us a line and include your hardware type, which host you are using, and your buffer and sample rate settings.
4. The plug-in shows up in my host, but it is just sitting there doing nothing.
Some of our products, notably Replicant and BigSeq, need transport and tempo information from the host in order to function correctly. They won't do anything unless the sequencer is running and the plug-in is receiving tempo information. In boxes-n-wires hosts (such as Plogue Bidule, Max/MSP and the like) you need to make sure you're sending tempo and transport info to the plug-in. In Cakewalk products like Sonar and Project 5, you need to make sure that you've checked the box that tells the host that plug-in needs tempo information. Some hosts like Sound Forge don't have tempo or transport information to offer, and Replicant and BigSeq will do nothing in these hosts.
5. The plug-in shows up in my host, and appears to work, but it is not passing audio.
Some of our older products only work at 44.1 and 48, and if you're using a sample rate higher than that, they won't actually pass audio. This is usually the issue when this occurs.
6. The plug-in shows up in my host, but doesn't work correctly, and I'm using a very old VST host.
We code our VST plug-ins one version behind whatever Steinberg is currently using. Currently, all of our VST products are VST2.4, and VSTGUI3.0. If a host is VST1.0 (Logic 5 Windows or Cubase VST, for instance) or VST2.0 only (Cubase LE, for instance) it may not correctly host current VST2.4 plug-ins. This is not our fault, but rather Steinberg's. We will, of course, issue you a refund, but we have no intention of ever making our products VST1.x compliant.
7. I'm using ProTools and the FXpansion wrapper and something is wrong.
Write us and ask for a refund. We do not support the FXpansion wrapper, nor any form of ProTools.