Discord3 Upgrade

US $10.00

Discord3 Upgrade
This is Discord3 for owners of previous versions of Discord, including v1, v1.5, and/or v2. For more information and sound samples, please go to the main Discord3 page.

PLEASE NOTE: Discord3 for OS X is Intel only, OS X 10.5.0 or greater. There is no PPC version.
PLEASE NOTE: This version is only for owners of previous versions of Discord, does not include a registration code, and can't be purchased if you don't have a previous version in your acount. If you are not a previous owner of any version of Discord, please purchase the full version, available here.
Digital Download includes: AU/VST for OSX & VST for Windows
• 32/64-bit VST2.4
• 32/64-bit AudioUnit

Discord3 Upgrade

US $10.00 / Digital Download